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Values Statement


The members of Faith Lutheran Church value, above all else, a personal relationship with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 
*We demonstrate this through our prayer life and our study of Holy Scriptures. 
**Out of our personal relationship God helps us to recognize our spiritual gifts and to desire to use them to further God's kingdom.


We value worship as a time to show our love and appreciation for the gifts God has given us. 
*We demonstrate this by finding a sacred time each week to meet with others and to focus on offering praise and thanksgiving in a variety of ways to an awesome, yet personal God. 
**From our worship the Lord inspires, uplifts and strengthens us to carry out his will.


We value the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion as the means of grace.
*We demonstrate this by affirming our own baptism and supporting the baptism of fellow believers, and by partaking of the holy supper, a central element of our worship life, at every opportunity.
**From these sacraments we receive God's call to new life and are granted the assurance of forgiveness.


We value discipleship as our commitment to living God's Word and to sharing the good news with others.
*We demonstrate this by loving all, as Jesus taught, striving to make our spiritual and earthly resources available to others, and witnessing the Gospel's importance to our daily lives.
**From our discipleship we receive the joy of knowing that we are obeying Jesus' commands to love one another and to make disciples of all nations.


We value Christian fellowship, welcoming all as equals in the eyes of God. 
*We demonstrate this by working to include all in celebration of Word and Sacrament, and in rejoicing and mourning together in love.
**Fellowship, as Jesus modeled, creates in us sensitivity toward the needs and problems of others and tolerance for the differences between us.


We value generous and joyful giving from the many gifts God has given us.
*We demonstrate this by striving to give the Biblical tithe of 10% and by giving of our time and talents to serve our Faith family, our community and our world.
**We receive all we have from God.

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