Special  Announcements

Faith Lutheran Church Guidelines for Reopening our Church
Reopening Date:     May 31st , 2020 at 9:30am

Even though Churches are not included in Gov. DeWines’ order, we at Faith want to ensure that our members and visitors are entering a Church that is safe and one that observes the social distancing requests for the comfort and safety of everyone while complying somewhat with our Governor and State Health Dept wishes.  We do not want anyone to be in fear so a lot of thought has gone into this along with guidance from our County officials.   We have decided to open the doors of Faith Lutheran.  With that, that also  means you are welcome to attend in person or stay at home.   Those with weaken auto-immune systems, seniors or those at risk should stay home.   We don’t expect a lot of attendees for a while, but just want everyone to know our doors are open for services. We will establish a Safety Team that will be responsible for keeping members and guests informed along with the Disinfecting Team. Information will be sent out to the Membership so they are well aware of the new procedures reminding them if you are sick at all – stay home or do not come to Church if you are apprehensive for any reason.

Some of you may think this goes a little overboard, but after doing research with the Synod other churches in our area and our State, consulting with the Clinton County Health Department, the Clinton County Emergency Management Office, other Churches in the County, other members and our staff,   we want to be cautious for all our members.  They are our priority and so is their health.     We are asking everyone to please cooperate and support these procedures so we can be a safe, a clean and welcoming Church to worship in.   I’m almost positive that there are some of those who don’t believe the in the virus or think wearing a mask is silly.     Believe me, I know and work at the Sheriff’s Office with many of those.     All we are asking is compassion for your fellow man, your friends, your Church family and their loved ones.      We need each other more than ever in these uncertain times so please pray for guidance and healing for everyone who has been afflicted or the families left behind due to loved ones passing away and pray for those who enter the hospital who cannot have family members come to visit or be at their side.   It is a very emotional and trying time for many.     Let’s show everyone what a Christian is all about and how caring Faith Lutheran Church and its members are.

“I give you a new commandment, that you love one another, Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another.  By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.      John 13:34-35

The Day of Worship   
A.    Our Disinfecting Team will make sure the Church is ready for entry

B.    The Outside door can be opened by using the “BUMP” sign which will activate the handicapped door and open                    automatically so you do not have to touch the door handles.  The inner doors to the Church and the Restrooms will
        be propped open so you do not have to touch those handles either. 
        Please enter using Front Door only.

C.    Make sure everyone is wearing a mask.    Supply masks upon entering if they don’t have one.  They will be worn                  unless health reasons restrict it.

D.    No handshaking, hugging and maintain required distance. You simply will walk into the Church – be directed to your          seat. No contact – you are safe!!

E.    Greeters can be near the doors and welcome everyone – just no contact- 6 feet distance.

F.    Assigned team members will help guide persons to their seats. Pews will be marked off as to where to sit for social           distancing.   

G.   Encourage family or household members to sit together. There will be staggered seating in pews as well. If the                   people in front of you are sitting to the far left you will need to sit to the far right of your pew.          

                                XX ________


H.   Please limit movement during the service and only come and go by the center aisle. 

 I.   No nursery, coffee or Sunday School for now

 J.   All other interior doors locked.   If it is shut – DO NOT ENTER    

K.   Communion will be distributed upon entering the church. (These are individual cups that have the wafer and juice             sealed together.)  You will need to dispose of your items on your way out of the sanctuary in the trash receptacle               provided.

L.    Windows will be open on the prayer garden side for fresh air to enter if weather permits.   So bring a jacket or                     sweater if you tend to get cold quickly.


M.   Upon conclusion of service, parishioners will be dismissed by pews and asked to leave the sanctuary and building.             Take everything with you – bulletin and trash.   Please do not gather in the church or in the fellowship hall. If you                 wish to converse, please do so outside in the fresh air with social distancing.

N.   After everyone leaves, the Disinfecting team will wipe down pews, door handles  and clean restrooms and any                     other area that needs addressed.

O.   We request that you check your temperature at home before coming to the Church.     If you have a temperature or          do not feel well – PLEASE – do not come to church – stay at home and continuing quarantining yourself so as
       to not spread the Covid 19.   The same goes if a person in your household has symptoms as you could be                            asymptomatic.  Call your doctor to make them aware.